Do you want to replace a tooth that you are missing?  A dental implant can do that!

Do you want to have comfortably secure dentures?  Dental implants can do that! 

Most lower denture wearers do not like their denture and use a lot of denture adhesive to compensate, which usually doesn't work too well.   For about the cost of an old used car, you can have a new denture that is secured and made comfortable by using implants.

Dr. Kimble has been placing implants since 2002 and is one of his favorite dental procedures to do. 

Some quick notes about implants.
  • The procedure to place the implant(s) is usually much easier than patients expect. 
  • They look and chew just like your real teeth.
  • Most implants can be placed in less than an hour.
  • Most long term implant studies have success rates of 95% or greater.  That really is amazing!

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